Dental Hygiene

Our hygienists provide a deep clean of your mouth, removing any unwanted plaque and tartar. Attending regular hygienist appointments can help to ensure a healthy and happy smile. 
Dental Hygiene is imperative to the long term health of your teeth. Everybody requires their own level of dental hygiene. Some people are more susceptible to periodontal disease, whilst others have complex restorations that require excellent cleansing. Our dental team will provide an individually tailored dental hygiene regime. 
Our experienced hygienists provide the following services. 

  • Preventative Clinical Treatment 

  • Oral Hygiene Instruction 

  • Dietary Advice 

Regular visits to the hygienist can reduce the levels of both active and new disease. By gaining maximum life-span possible from an individual's restorative treatment, modern techniques of prevention are proving to be more cost-effective than ever before. 
The maintenance regime that the practice operates is derived from clinical studies, and has been shown to be an effective way of helping patients to keep their teeth and gums healthy. 
Whilst we aim to help our patients keep their teeth for as long as possible, we also recognise that an attractive smile and fresh breath is important to many people. We provide the most up to date techniques to help our patients achieve this.