Teeth in a Day

“Teeth in a day” or Immediate loaded dental implants has been in development for about 10 years. The idea was to try and simplify the implant technique and give the patients what they wanted: good looking, functional teeth quickly! 
The major delay was that the original protocol was that the implants should be left for 6 months to heal. 
However since the late 1990’s much research has been published showing that success rates of 97% can be achieved, even when implants are restored on the same day.


The Procedure

The dentist places implants as standard. Once the surgical procedure is complete, an impression is taken of the implants and this is used to make a provisional crown or bridge which will be attached to the implants on the same day. 
The provisional restoration will be replaced by the final restoration after about 3 months. This allows time for the tissues to heal and remodel, so that the final restoration has ideal aesthetics and function.